Thursday, June 3, 2021

15th PeLS National Conference goes virtual with Events on Demand


For most businesses and organizations, setting up events like conferences and exhibits is considered one of the best ways to effectively connect with customers, colleagues, and potential partners regardless of the field they belong to. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, this has been impossible to do and now feels like a thing of the past.


The Philippine eLearning Society or PeLS also faced this dilemma. For 14 consecutive years, PeLS has been bringing the academic community together through national conferences in order to promote their mission of leading the advancement of eLearning in the country. While the current situation is not ideal, it also seems to be the best timing for PeLS to establish the power of technology.  Through the services of Events on Demand, PeLS successfully held its first virtual National Conference in 15 years.

To make this happen, we at Events on Demand built an interactive website for the event. Through the website, the 500 attendees composed of teachers, professors, lecturers, and instructors, are given the ability to interact with fellow participants, attend scheduled panel talks and workshops via Zoom, and even check out the virtual booths of the event sponsors. The event may have been done virtually, but having this level of interaction and accessing them all in just one place, gives the participants a sense of attending an actual exhibit.


Just like how we made this possible for PeLS, this can also be done for similar events like bridal fairs and retail exhibits. You don’t even need to worry about big-scale events as we can cater up to 3,000 to 5,000 participants in one virtual event. If you’re interested in working with us, just get in touch at or contact us at 0945 335 4150!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

How to Make Debut Celebrations from Home Memorable

If you’ve been thinking about your upcoming 18th birthday party or perhaps that of a loved one, you definitely came to the right place! You’re probably wondering if it’s possible to still achieve your dream debut celebration with family and friends in the most memorable and fun, yet safest way. The answer we always go for here at Events on Demand, definitely!

Here are a few things that we can guarantee based on the two virtual debut celebrations we recently organized:

#1 Give fun twists on the traditional 18s

Don’t hold back on the things you want to do for your birthday celebration just because it’s done virtually.  Both our clients, Kristine and Czezca, still wanted to do the traditional 18 candles, dances, and shots. To make it fun and unique, the Tiktok app was incorporated in the 18 dances.

#2 Make your friends as involved in the party as much as possible

With your friends being stuck at home just like you, they’d be more than willing to pitch in fun acts to make your debut extra special. During Czezca’s debut, her friends prepared a visual presentation of their heartfelt messages as well as dance numbers since they couldn’t celebrate with her personally.

#3 Have someone plan your virtual debut celebration

Despite it being a virtual celebration, did you know that hiring professional help has lots of advantages for you?

With organizers, you can still have a themed party. Just tell them what you want and they can set up your home for you. They can also send out party boxes to your friends which include all materials that you’ll need for your birthday. Isn’t that amazing? There are also surprises that your family want to do for you but are hard to pull off since you’re all stuck at home.

While virtual celebrations won’t amount to the fun and memories that personal gatherings bring, this is the best we can do to cherish each other for now… until we can freely go out and celebrate again.

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Take Team Virtual Bonding Session To The Next Level with EOD

             Before the pandemic, social gatherings with your teammates are as easy as making a few calls, adjusting your schedules to fit each other’s, and setting a meetup time and place. But now that safety against virus infection is always a top priority,  you can no longer meet up when you want to.

Planning for gatherings in the new normal is hard, but definitely not impossible. That’s how a group of teammates ended up asking Events on Demand’s services in bringing them together for a fun bonding session. Through a virtual setup, the client wanted to gather forty of his colleagues together and have fun like they normally used to.

While planning the virtual team building, Events on Demand made sure to keep three things in mind to ensure the client and guests’ satisfaction.

#1 Guests can enjoy fun group games

Despite it being a virtual team building, attendees should still feel the fun that group games bring at parties. So Events on Demand, prepared five relay games that require teamwork within groups. Aside from the group games, individual games like Bingo and Bring Me were also included in the program.

#2 Guests should feel the party vibe at home

In order to achieve this, a “party” box was sent out to all the confirmed guests. Each event box contains all the necessary materials that guests will need for the activities. That’s not all, drinking beverages like beer were also included in the package.

#3 Perfectly executing all plans during the actual event

From planning to handling the actual event were Events on Demand’s main tasks, hiring the perfect host that will make the virtual gathering fun was also a big part of making it a success.

Do you also wish to hangout with a big group of friends or colleagues virtually? Let Events on Demand make it possible! Get in touch with us via Facebook or contact us at 0977-801-7013.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Goodbye 'Abays': Things To Remember for Intimate Weddings Under GCQ

June, which is known as the most popular month for weddings, just passed by with lots of postponed wedding ceremonies due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, starting this month, both church and civil weddings are finally allowed by the government with strict safety and social distancing guidelines.

If you’re planning to tie the knot anytime soon, here are three things you must remember:

#1 You can now get married but...

            If your place of residence is no longer under the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ, you can definitely go ahead and tie the knot. Whether it's a church or civil wedding, keep in mind that you need to observe and follow government-mandated restrictions in accordance to the new "normal".

#2 You can only invite a few guests

            The number of guests you can invite during the wedding ceremony and reception varies but both of them must not exceed ten people.

            For civil wedding ceremonies, only five people including the couple can attend the ceremony, which means the couple can only invite three people to stand witness. On the other hand, couples who'd opt to do a church wedding can only bring each of their parents and a pair of major sponsors. Yes, you read that right, your wedding entourage is no longer allowed in your church wedding. Even inviting guests over for the wedding reception is restricted and only limited to ten people.

#3 Make your venue small and safe

            Now that you're aware of the number of people you're allowed to invite for your wedding, might as well choose a small reception venue or better yet, save your money and do it at home. Couples need to make sure that the place is deemed safe for everybody. Make sure to wear face masks, check your temperatures, disinfect, and observe social distancing.

While these guidelines will make a huge difference on your dream wedding, you have the chance to make it more memorable by using digital platforms to your advantage. Here at #EventsOnDemand, we might just know how to make that happen! Let’s organize your wedding, send us your inquiries via Facebook ( or call us at 02-896-46-229, 0917-169-1439, or 0977-801-7013!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Take it from the Experts: Popular Topics You Can Learn from Webinars

These days, webinars talk about a lot of things that their respective audiences can learn from. If you've never encountered a webinar before and don't know what they usually offer, you can start looking out for these three popular topics below.

#1 Managing Personal Finances

One of the most popular topics presented in webinars is about financial management. Simply because anyone, you included, is likely interested in managing money wisely or earning more aside from your fixed income.

In these webinars, speakers often talk about topics such as the importance of managing your income, how and where to invest your money, and how to start preparing for your retirement.

#2 Entrepreneurship

Lots of people want to start earning as business owners but don't know where to start. Aside from hearing advice from family and friends, proper guidance from experts can help you take the first step into starting your own business.

You can listen to webinars that discuss researching, developing, and eventually growing your hobbies into a small business!

#3 Dealing With Your Personal Growth
From psychiatrists to life coaches, these speakers often present problems and solutions that surround one's relationship not only with others but also themselves. If you want to hear about treating yourself better, developing a good relationship with friends and family, and dealing with conflicts about relationships in general, this might be the perfect type of webinar for you.

Now you know which webinar topics might interest you! Watch out for webinars organized by #EventsOnDemand soon!

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

3 Different Ways To Learn Something New While Staying at Home

If binge-watching Korean dramas and channeling your inner Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen have both lost their appeal to you during the lockdown, it's probably time for you to find new things to try on. Since you can't go out of the house as often as you want, why not try learning something new from the comfort of your own home? Here are three accessible ways to do just that.

#1 Enrolling to Online Classes

            While your kids are busy attending their summer or regular classes online, you can also enroll in online courses. With the current global situation and people being stuck at home, many educational websites and institutions are offering some of their courses for free! Don't know where to start? You can try checking out Harvard University's free online classes.

#2 Listening to Podcasts

            If you've never heard or tried listening to podcasts, it's probably the perfect time to start. Podcasts are like modern-day radio stations that features different topics beyond the usual news and trendy music. These days, you can learn about best-selling books, the world of science, and even economics just by listening to podcasts through streaming apps on your phone.

#3 Attending Webinars

            Even before the pandemic hit globally, webinars have been used by companies conducting seminars whose audience aren't concentrated in just one location. Now, several webinars are available on the internet and some of them are free for all. You can simply search the web for whatever topic you're interested in and sign up.

 Instead of being the webinar attendee, have you been thinking about pursuing your own webinar? You came to the right place! Events on Demand can definitely make it happen! Contact us through the following channels: 0977-801-7013 or 0917-169-1439,, or check us out at

Monday, June 29, 2020

3 Fun Moments You Can Celebrate Virtually From Home

These days, where most things are uncertain, any significant moment in your life is an opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones. But since safety measures such as avoiding big gatherings is still strictly observed, doing it virtually is the best thing to do. Thinking about where to start? Here are three fun events you can opt to celebrate virtually!

#1 Birthdays

May it be for you or your kid, you can still celebrate your birthday with your loved ones just like before. Just set up a group video call and send them the invite ahead of time. You may not be sharing the same feast but you can still sing the birthday song together before blowing the candle on your cake!

#2 Gender Reveal

If you've been so excited about doing a gender reveal for your baby, the inability to do a party out of it must be very disappointing. But no worries, you can ask a loved one to prepare the gender reveal cake for you and your partner and do the party via video call so all your family and friends can join the fun.

#3 Baby Shower

Instead of coming over to celebrate the arrival of your baby, your family and friends can just send their gifts straight to your home. Through a group video conference, you can easily unwrap their gifts like any normal baby shower.

If you're planning to do an all-out celebration of these events, why not hire a virtual party planner to do it for you? Events on Demand cand do it for you! Send us your through 0917-169-1439 or 0977-801-7013, visit us at, or check us out at

15th PeLS National Conference goes virtual with Events on Demand

  For most businesses and organizations, setting up events like conferences and exhibits is considered one of the best ways to effectively c...